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Analysis of Die Cutting Product Process Design (II)
Time:【2022-10-26】 Read together【3508】Second
[Reprinted from die-cutting network] Serial of analysis of die-cutting product process design (II)
    Sample name: circuit board buffer foam    
    Sample structure: one layer of non-woven double-sided adhesive on the upper and lower sides, with handle position    
    Instructions: This sample is used on the circuit board for fixing and buffering    
    Mold selection: This sample is simple, and the tolerance requirements are wide. The mold is selected as the offset mold.    
    Equipment selection: ordinary flat cutter plus compound machine    
    Product requirements: meet the customer's tolerance requirements of plus or minus 0.2mm, and the product is free of deformation, wrinkles and other traces.    
    Die cutting process:    
    1. The composite foam is compounded with double-sided adhesive tape on both sides. After the double-sided adhesive tape on both sides is compounded, it cannot be rolled back, which will cause wrinkles. Therefore, the foam on one side is compounded first.    
    2. Compound one side of the foam with the other side of the machine, and use the upper and lower die cutting. Cut the overall product frame from top to bottom, and cut a straight line from bottom to top, that is, the handle position.    
    3. After die-cutting, first discharge the waste materials at the handle, including double-sided adhesive tape and foam, and then turn it 180 degrees to the laminating machine, and use the stripper to strip the waste materials of the product frame.