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Analysis and Serials of Die Cutting Product Process Design (I)
Time:【2022-10-26】 Read together【3889】Second
[Reprinted from die-cutting network] Serial of analysis of die-cutting product process design (I)

Sample name: battery insulating sheet
Sample structure: kraft paper non-woven fabric double-sided adhesive.
Note: The product has two inner frames with thin edges
Mold selection: adopt carving mold and tool jumping and hole dropping mold.
Equipment: ordinary flat die cutting machine
Product requirements: This product is mainly used to insulate the battery
The instant voltage of 1000 V cannot break through the kraft paper.
Die cutting process:
1. Composite, non-woven double-sided adhesive tape and kraft paper in the middle!
2. Skip punching. Die cut the inner frame of the mold first, and then cut the hole half off, and then skip die cut the outer frame.
3. The stripper is used to discharge waste with the machine, and foam is placed under the stripper to facilitate waste discharge.
4. Slice with a slicer and cut the corresponding product data according to customer requirements.
5. Manual patch counting and packaging.
Note: This sample has two holes, the inner frame edge is very thin, and a knife is in the process of die-cutting
It is easy to break the knife, and the product is easy to be squeezed. It is difficult to discharge the inner frame, and it is easy to drop the pieces
In the cutting process, two holes are first made to drop the waste into the mold, and then the outer frame is die-cutting.