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Serial of die cutting product process design (III)
Time:【2022-10-26】 Read together【3526】Second
[Reprinted from Die Cutting Online Forum] Serial of Die Cutting Product Process Design (III)

Product name: loudspeaker network
Product structure: this product has six layers, three layers of double-sided adhesive plus one layer of gauze, one layer of pet and one layer of foam.
Structure level: double-sided adhesive tape, screen yarn, double-sided adhesive tape, PET, double-sided adhesive tape, foam.
Mold selection: This product has many levels of structure and strict size requirements. The first choice is to engrave the inner hole of the die and to etch the outer frame of the die.
Equipment selection: one line for small hole nesting plus manual compounding or production with round cutter.
Product requirements: the upper and lower double-sided adhesive tape overlap without ghosting, the inner frame is clean, and the size required by the customer is composite. The tolerance is plus or minus 0.15mm.
Mold opening method: three knives.
The first knife is used for die-cutting the inner frame. Two layers of double-sided adhesive and foam are used for die-cutting.
The second knife die-cuts the pet inner frame.
The third knife manually compound all the structural layers together and then die cut the overall frame.
Die cutting process:
1. Composite, using a light release membrane. Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the release film, compound a layer of double-sided adhesive tape on the original backing paper of double-sided adhesive tape, and compound double-sided adhesive tape on the release film. Then apply a layer of double-sided adhesive tape, and finally apply foam. Engraving hole falling die is used to cut the inner frame. Remove the inner frame scrap from the hole and take it to the manual assembly platform for assembly.
2. The composite pet double-sided adhesive directly drops the waste of the inner frame to the manual assembly table.
3. Tear the foam and double-sided adhesive by hand, use the jig hole to fit the screen yarn, and paste the pet adhesive on the other side of the screen yarn. The inner frame is glue free. Synchronously fit the other frame of double-sided adhesive composite foam,; Pay attention to overlap when fitting well.
4. Take the small hole nesting machine to cut the overall frame and then discharge the waste of the frame.