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Waterproof foam
Waterproof foam

Waterproof foam

Seal model PORON
PORON foam is a kind of polyurethane foam product of microporous polymer, suitable for use as shock pad material, with various thicknesses, hardness, colors and options. And it has good insulation performance.
Functions: dust-proof, shockproof, sound absorption, insulation, gap filling, and light shielding

The main uses of PORON foam are as follows
(1) Panel interlayer: no pollution, no looseness, no impact noise and no adhesion.
(2) Around LED: prevent light leakage, absorb impact, and enhance air tightness.
(3) Lower periphery of PCB: absorbing impact, vibration, gap filling and heat insulation effect.
(4) Keyboard gasket: anti elastic, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(5) Around the battery: no pollution, absorbing impact sound and improving air tightness.
(6) Foot pad: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(7) Rear cushion of the disk drive: absorb vibration, prevent impact noise and improve air tightness.
(8) Friction gasket: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.
(9) Disk cover cushion: absorb vibration, block motor noise, shockproof, improve air tightness.
(10) Around the horn: prevent noise and fill gaps.
(11) LCD surrounding: dust prevention, impact absorption, gap filling, and improvement of shading thickness: 0.2T~15T Specification for selection: available in bulk. Color: black/gray
Main materials: Korean PORON, Japanese Inoue PORON, American PORON, French PORON, etc
Applicable to mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets and other electronic products
Specification: can be processed according to customer requirements